More than ever before, our planet and our society have reached a state of emergency.
But never more than now have we seen a wave of hope and willingness for something better.

Our future lies in the hands of that hope; in that belief and trust that we CAN make a difference. But in this quest, we must understand that all of us are connected. We all share the same world and so share the same, global goal.

It is our duty to restore that sense of common purpose.

For years the various media have informed us about the miseries of war, hunger, disease, natural disasters and poverty; leaving us with fear, hate and despair.

We -as artists- want to show you, instead, what can be done to face those atrocities, what IS being done. We want to point out humanity's potential instead of focussing on failure. What brings us together rather than what tears us apart. That's why we send you our message of unity, of hope. To reassure you that we do have a future. A bright one.

All we must do is be willing to try, again and again, without ever giving up and with the right intentions, together, united, for a better world.



FOR A BETTER WORLD is a worldwide network of artists that functions as an art production company.

We unite artists to produce high quality artistic campaigns, events, art productions, expositions,... that inspire, sensitize and establish greater awareness - hoping to manifest a change in attitude.
We then donate the entire production and the generated profits that may come out of it to the appropriate good cause and a non profit organization that defends the cause in question.

FOR A BETTER WORLD vzw is an official non profit organization registered in the European Union, founded by producer and artistic director Mayli M in March 2009.

In order to restore our global sense of common purpose, we choose unity as our ultimate goal.
Unity = the state of being united or joined as a whole,
harmony or agreement between people or groups.



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