10 Million Trees

April 2010 - current / 10 Million Trees
April 2010 - current / 10 Million Trees

‘artists united’ For A Better World organizes and produces artistic campaigns, events and projects that are used for inspirational, sensitizing and fund raising purposes - always to the benefit of goodwill, charity or non-profit organizations.

This specific production delivered a media campaign composed of stills (photographs, posters, publications in magazines, postcards etc) and a 30’’ video clip, to be broadcasted on national television, various websites and at several film festivals like the Nature Film Festival in Kortrijk.

The campaign is being launched on the 22nd of April 2010, known as Earth Day and will run till the end of next planting season.

For A Better World produced this artistic campaign for 1miljoenbomen.be - a project that inspires people to help planting 1 million trees in Flanders, Belgium and 1 million in the Amazon.

This sensitizing campaign runs alongside Marie’s actual cooperation on the field. She has been planting trees together with schoolchildren and other volunteers and is promoting green events for this project. For further information, check the events below.

Aug 27
10 Million Trees with Marie (2012)

Voor het twee jaar op rij wordt actrice Marie Vinck het gezicht van een grote Vlaamse boomverkoopcampagne. Hiermee willen BOS+, de Federatie van Vlaamse Bosboomkwekers en de AVEVE-winkels Vlaanderen een stukje groener maken...

Eerder dit jaar werd de vorige campagne 1 Miljoen Bomen afgesloten en na vier jaar was Vlaanderen niet minder dan 91 bedrijfsbossen en 1,4 miljoen bomen rijker. En meteen werd de lat een pak hoger gelegd: 10 Miljoen Bomen!

Marie Vinck: "BOS+ en ik kunnen uiteraard niet alleen die 10 miljoen bomen planten. We hebben de hulp van zo veel mogelijk Vlamingen nodig om die bomen allemaal een plekje te geven. En elke boom telt: je hoeft heus geen grootgrondbezitter of bedrijfsleider te zijn om een rol te kunnen spelen in dit verhaal. Ook die boom die jij in je tuin plant draagt bij tot ons doel van een groener en gezonder Vlaanderen."

Feb 27
Radio Campaign 2012
VRT, Radio 1, Radio 2, Klara, Studio Brussel and MNM

Once again the Flemish public broadcasting organization VRT chose our radio spot as part of their Humanitarian Campaigns of 2012. You can hear Pieter Embrechts and Marie Vinck 5 times a day on all six channels. All channels are also broadcast live over the Internet. Click links for live streaming. Radio 1 / Radio 2 / Klara / Studio Brussel / MNM
Enjoy and don't forget to plant your tree this year!!

Feb 07
National Broadcasting 2011
VRT, Radio 1, Radio 2, Klara, Studio Brussel and MNM

The videoclip 'artists united' shot for 1 Million Trees was selected by the Flemish public broadcasting organization VRT for their Humanitarian Campaigns of 2011. This means it will be broadcasted on prime time for a whole week on their main channel. Simultaneously, a freshly recorded radio clip will be send out from their 5 national radio channels. All channels are also broadcast live over the Internet. Click links for live streaming. Radio 1 / Radio 2 / Klara / Studio Brussel / MNM

May 08
Green Pencil Day
ghent, muntplein

Green Pencils were collected all over the country to help the government appoint green zones on the map. Marie joined in and spoke to pedestrians, collected signatures for the petition and helped coloring our land map green. People bringing their green pencils were glad to pose for a picture with Marie who stood by them in their fight for more trees in Flanders.

Mar 27
Planting Trees with Marie
brakel, everbeek

In an attempt to create greater awareness to deforestation and the consequential effects such as desertification and loss of clean air, actress Marie Vinck is supporting One Million Trees with on-the-field cooperation.

The goal of this project is to plant One Million Trees in Flanders, Belgium and One Million Trees in the Amazon.

This is our way to support the United Nations’ mission to add 7 billion newly planted trees to our planet. Please go to One Million Trees and plant your own tree.

Marie Vinck - actress
Sophie Rata - photographer
Bert Oste - videographer
Pieter Van den Zegel - costume designer
Annelien Debusschere - visual & make-up artist
Thomas Gielen - topmodel/actor
Peter Eeckelaert - graphic designer
Pieter Embrechts - actor/voice over artist
Mayli M - creative director and producer

Music written by Erika and Simon Angell and performed by Thus:Owls. Check more of their music here.