Chill Baby Chill

May 2010 / Chill Baby Chill
May 2010 / Chill Baby Chill

A conscious move away from the Drill Baby Drill Philosophy (which has dramatically evolved into a Spill Baby Spill reality).

In response to the terrible oil leak that has been gushing from the sunken oil rig into the Gulf of Mexico since April 20th we created A platform that intends to focus on three main issues.

For starters; the Oil Spill Damage Control and Response. This is where you'll find very specific info on 'how to help'. There are petitions to sign that help stop new offshore drilling and lots of important news updates about the state of the spill and the consequences on long and short term.
Next urgent issue on the list is the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge - Shell is planning on starting its drilling in the last 5% that is still pristine and safe for wildlife - on July first. All the info you need on the subject, including the damage the Valdez spill caused twenty years ago, can be found on this part of the platform. Again, there are petitions for you to sign that will help make things better for all of us.
And last but nor least - Alternatives To Oil. More precisely we encourage people to look at your own actions, to weigh your consumption patters. Get informed and make conscious choices, because at the end of the day - it is US who're using all this oil that's being drilled and spilled.

The website and the 'call to action' is being promoted with an awareness campaign. We're in full production at this very moment.
Come back soon to see what we're up to.

Jul 01
Turn Your Profile Picture To Black

After 72 days, the oil is still leaking - up to 9 million liter of oil per day. In order to get people to understand HOW BAD and for HOW LONG the oil is being spilled into the Gulf Of Mexico, we're launching a massive awareness campaign and EVERYONE can be part of it. Yes, you too...

Raise awareness about the urgency and the disturbingly increasing size of the OIL SPILL in the Gulf of Mexico.
1) Turn your facebook profile picture to black UNTIL the leak gets sealed.
2) Join us by 'liking' our page;
3) Get informed on

The more oil gets spilled the more you'll see the entire Facebook website turn black.

Jun 27
Shoot Awareness Campaign

It's important for individuals to understand how much power each one of us has.

The power of one is the power to do something. Anything.

We've asked Belgian artists to stand for that principle and speak out with their own message. For starters, this campaign is being used for the promotion of, which focuses on the problems revolving the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the possible exploratory drilling in Alaska.

This campaign is also being used as a concept proposal for the project 10:10 - a true example of the 'power of one'. Join at

Peter Eeckelaert - flash design/development & graphic design
Sophie Rata - photographer
Magali Elali - illustrator & concept management
Shimka V - concept analysis & research
Conor Colwell - project manager
Veerle Symoens - photo production coordinator
Mayli M - producer & project coordinator