Locomotive of Freedom

Jan 16 - Jun 16 2010 / Locomotive of Freedom
Jan 16 - Jun 16 2010 / Locomotive of Freedom

The Locomotive of Freedom: a sustainable adventure in harmony with our mother Earth.
In January 2010, three young Europeans, Nicola, Raphael and Benjamin, founders of the non-profit Locomotive Organisation, will hit the road for a unique journey. Starting point: The Netherlands. Destination: Latin America. To be crossed: Europe, Africa and the Atlantic ocean. The three adventurers will show that it is possible to live and travel while respecting the earth and it’s earthlings.

The trio will reduce it’s CO2 emissions to a minimum using only hitchhiking, boathiking or walking. Therefore no airplanes, trains or buses will be taken during the whole trip. As the meat industry is responsible for more than half of all man-made Greenhouse Gases, their diet will be vegetarian. All electronic devices will be only powered with renewable energy from the solar backpacks. Water will be provided through the Lifesaver Bottle that can filter any kind of sweet water.

This journey aims to demonstrate that everything human beings need is already out there: some cars are always going in the same direction as the travelers or some food will be always left out by somebody. The three travelers will show that it is possible to live with the wastes of the society to denounce humanity’s over-consumption and wasting habits. Avoiding consumerism, they will not buy any products during this journey, money will be used only for emergencies and visas. They will not sleep in any hostels, hotels or campsites, enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the people or the starry sky!

The trio will leave in complete freedom with themselves and the environment, Latin America is the only destination, they will then move freely in a timeless journey exploring the untraveled paths. Sharing is everything! The trio is open to talk with everyone, listening to their stories and telling their own. Through these encounters, they want to increase the understanding of the diversity of the world and its inhabitants.

Being all three photographers, writers and video-makers, they will report on their adventures to the world as well as focusing their lenses on positive actions people undertake in order to make this world a better place by promoting peace, equality and respect for diversity. They will also depict the problems the world is facing today, such as over-consumption, pollution, poverty, inequity and prejudices. Workshops and cultural events, aimed at promoting environmental consciousness, equality, multiculturalism and art, will be organized with the people, wherever the possibilities may be found. The aim is to bring the people together all around the world emphasizing that what unites us is much stronger that what divides us.

The adventures of the three travelers will appear online. The trio will update regularly depending on the availability of the Internet.

A self-made documentary will relate the adventures and experiences of the trio to be shown to the entire world for free. It’s goal is, on one hand to stimulate and inspire the people to pursue their dreams, and on the other hand to promote a sustainable way of living as a solution for an improvement of the quality of everyone’s life. Furthermore, photo exhibitions of travel photographs as well as screenings of the documentary will be organized all around the world after the journey.

Locomotive Organisation – creative actions for a conscious world -
Three young world citizen from Italy (Nicola Zolin, 25), France (Benjamin Lesage, 24) and Germany (Raphael Fellmer, 26) founded the Locomotive Organisation in 2009 in The Hague with the general purpose of making this world a better place, together with all the people who aim to undertake positive actions for a constructive change. Locomotive aims to bring consciousness to the people in order to demonstrate that we are the change that we want to see in the world. To achieve this mission, Locomotive organises workshops, photo exhibitions, conferences, seminars, documentaries and cultural exchanges.

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