In Wings

October 10th 2010 / In Wings
October 10th 2010 / In Wings

On the 10th of October 2010, three creatures wearing wings set out in the 19th district of Paris for an uplifting raid through the neighborhood.

This area has witnessed lots of trouble for decades, and the people living there have been left alone to handle it. There has been no police, no social workers to look after those who need it the most.

As all people in need for a brighter future, they dream of one. And the first step towards realizing a dream is having hope and support that can strengthen you to follow through.

We wish to acknowledge the pain and hardship these people are suffering and celebrate the humanity they often carry with much more morale and principle than most of us, who have less to complain about.

Father Guy Gilbert, who's been working with youth from the area for over forty years and who lived with them on the streets once wrote; "I found a family for one of the boys and so i brought him for dinner. He ate his food, his nose in his plate, his hair forming a barrier in front of his eyes. He didn't say a word. When he left he said; "I'm not staying, these people don't love each other." Six months later, they got a divorce... These kids have some sort of animal instinct for such things, they are experts in humanity and with them, there is no room for cheating."

Understanding the deeper issues these youngsters are dealing with and acknowledging the problems that develop from that original struggle is really a first step to improving the entire environment. From understanding comes a more caring, less judging approach which creates goodwill.

This project and the reactions of the people living in the area have proven that hope and care is needed, but also, that there is so much kindness and compassion among people. It just needs a little effort to bring it to the surface.

Oct 10
Paris, the 19th

This unique day of 10/10/10 was chosen for the launching of 'Imagine 01' - starting in Paris, sending out messages of hope, love and support. Serving the people living around Riquet and Crimée, a neighborhood that is screaming for some attention and care. As many of the locals agreed, the area is in need of some color, joy and protection. So the three winged safekeepers took it upon them to tend to this zone and devoted their creativity to the "Gens du Quartier".

Oct 09
Paris, the 19th

To honor John Lennon's 60th birthday we set out one day before, spreading our messages of hope, usually starting with 'Imagine'

Production by The Public Art Factory
Photography Joris De Wolf