what you can do

suggest artist

Do you know an artist whose work inspires
you to action?
Someone whose art holds a message or
whose character constantly aspires to
something better, something greater,
something more beautiful?

Can you think of people who have always
supported great causes while their passion
is the arts?

Tell us who and why.
We'll try and get them to join us.

suggest project

Have you heard of a family in Brazil who has
started their own orphanage but are in
desperate need of extra beds?
Have you discovered a village in Africa where
the access to drinking water is within reach,
but the small cost of necessary tools cannot
be provided for?
Are you the victim of a local danger and feel
the rest of the world could help if they only
knew about it?
Do you feel like a political or natural but
violent threat is hurting your society, but the
media keep quiet?

Tell us about it.
We'll do our best to help.


You can also order our t-shirt for 15 euros.
Order at mayli@forabetterworld.net with subject
line tank top 'Conserve All Arts'. You can check
our design first on our projects page.

Or, if you just love what we do and want to
support us and our ideas financially, you can
always transfer money FOR A BETTER
WORLD. We promise to make the best use of it.

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